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Chess ETI


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CHESS Embedded Technology International B.V. is a privately owned SME founded in 2011 with approximately 60 staff. This company emerged from CHESS Embedded Technology B.V., which was founded in 1988. Chess ETI delivers products and services to clients in transport, trade and industry, mostly top-100 firms with a strong presence in The Netherlands and Europe such as ASML, HBM, Translink Systems, Flower auction Aalsmeer, European Space Agency, Philips, Siemens VDO Automotive and Océ Technologies. Chess ETI develops and produces mission critical embedded systems (both hardware and embedded software) for these high-tech customers using novel information and communication technology. Our contribution is often right at the heart of our clients business; developing new concepts or product innovations based on emerging technology. For example, we have developed an ASIC for secure smart card applications, a verification and validation platform for satellite on-board software, high-speed image processing and data acquisition platforms and a 3G wireless payment terminal.


Marcel Verhoef (1968) obtained his MSc degree in computer science from Delft University of Technology in 1993 (Ph.D. expected in 2007 from Radboud University Nijmegen). He has worked in industry for most of his career. He is currently a member of the Chess Innovation Team and he represents Chess in the BODERC research project at the Embedded Systems Institute where he has performed applied academic research in the area of multi-disciplinary design of embedded real-time control systems since 2003. He has authored several scientific papers and co-authored a book on practical application of formal techniques in industry. Many of these publications have been written jointly with the other proposers from this consortium. An overview of his work can be found on his web-site Marcel is treasurer of Formal Methods Europe and a member of KIVI, IEEE, ACM and INCOSE.




Project DESTECS 248134

Challenge 3.4: Embedded System Design