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Consortium Consortium Members

Neopost Technologies B.V.


Neopost is one of two world leaders in small- to middle-range mail management providers. The portfolio encompasses machines for flexible packing multiformat documents in any kind of standard envelopes, automated handling of incoming high volumes mail and supporting information systems. Neopost Group is a multinational of 500 R&D force and 4800 workforce in total present in 70 countries worldwide with the headquarters in Paris, France. The R&D department in the Netherlands, Competence Centre “Document Handling Systems”, is situated in Drachten.


Dusko Jovanovic has obtained his PhD in dependability of embedded software for control applications at the University of Twente. He is now acting as a modernisation technology officer and co-creator of the system engineering policies.

Peter van Eijk has established Software Engineering department of the R&D Neopost Technologies and imposed the CMM and QA quality improvement processes. Being highly interested in development harmonisation of highly-integrated but diverse technologies used for mail-handling systems, he has taken the lead of the System Engineering department.




Project DESTECS 248134

Challenge 3.4: Embedded System Design