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FM2011 Tutorial


Design of Real-time Embedded Control Systems using VDM++ and Bond graphs

FM2011 – LERO, Limerick, Ireland

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Peter Gorm Larsen – Engineering College Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark
Marcel Verhoef – Chess embedded Technology, Haarlem, The Netherlands

This tutorial is focused on methods and tools that bridge the gap between the disciplines involved in designing real-time distributed embedded control systems: systems, control, mechanical and software engineering. These disciplines, which have grown up separately, base design on different forms of models - some use discrete event models, and some use continuous time - inhibiting our ability to compare design alternatives rapidly and in particular to model faults and fault tolerance mechanisms that have to cross the boundaries between models. This “design gap” usually leads to sub-optimal designs and long development lead times.

This tutorial will demonstrate that combining formal continuous time system models (specified in Bond graphs) with formal discrete event controller models (specified in VDM-RT, a superset of VDM++ designed to deal specifically with static deployment of software on a distributed hardware architecture) through co-simulation allows multidisciplinary modeling during the early system life-cycle, including performance analysis, modeling of faults and fault tolerance mechanisms. The analysis of these effects at every stage in a design process will help to build more dependable real-time embedded systems.

The DESTECS project has recently produced its first major tool release. This tool will form the backbone of the tutorial, which will be aimed at practitioners interested in applying DESTECS on real-life modeling problems. At the end of the workshop, all participants will have the tool installed on their laptops, and they will have gained some hands-on experience using the DESTECS tool.

A half day tutorial will be held on Tuesday morning 21 June, with the following programme:

  • Background to the tutorial, overview of VDM++ and bond graph notations
  • Overview of the tools, some example applications (classroom demonstration)
  • Hands-on session (all participants will receive a copy of all DESTECS tools [Note: to run 20-sim, a Windows machine is required. Overture is available for Windows, Linux and Mac])
  • Round-up (Q&A session, discussion)

Note that a research oriented workshop on Advances on Methods and Tools for VDM (the 9th Overture workshop) will be held on Monday 20 June at FM2011.